Post 27

Sutranovum Publishing is. Fulfillment is.

The flower blooms.

The bee arrives.

Our printing partner is of the same family that produced Kahil Gibran.

Logic says: I wrote these books

Logos says: The book has written me.

There is no haste in nature.

Not even when the Cheetah runs full speed after the gazelle.

Only man, lost in the deserts of his own logical making, only such a one knows haste.

Logos is where you find the healed man.

Any creative action goes through 4 phases.



Destruction of superfluousness


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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Ted Wrigley commented :
    Stillness would be a prelude to action?
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Ted Wrigley stillness is action. There is no activity without it.

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