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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Matthew Davies commented :
    People tend to forget we are all animals, correct
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Matthew Davies repetition is what parrots do. To heal psychological inflation reflect 1000 000 times on the insight that the healed potent voice puts its mind through the filter of “less is more” until mastery dawns. I have kicked you out of one group because of your inner parrot not being recognized.
    How did I learn this lesson? I asked too many questions and spoke to many words. As you are doing. But I am warning you to stop the comments and filter out the noise. Parroting is imitating. Wisdom shines forth from authenticity. This is an attack but you seem hell bent on wanting tough love.
    Matthew Davies replied :
    Thanks for your understanding I’m learning a lot honestly I do struggle with my filter
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Matthew Davies then don’t say what you don’t want to be true. The admonition of guilt keeps the deception alive. Read your last statement and contemplate the annihilation of its veracity. Not as an idea. As a holistic living action. I’ll knock you down every time you try to deny it and please please don’t try. There is no try. Do or do not do.

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