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It was intimated to me some years ago in the furthest reaches of deepest darkest Tibet to build something powerful.

Power, not in the sense of the insecure man who wants to show off, not in the sense of the guru who seeks to attract followers to his insane self-inflated shrine. No, real power, the kind that can turn a planet around from a collision course with the consequences of not confronting ignorance at its source within ourselves.

Thoreau said:

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

My first teacher was an exceptional man. The kind that doesn’t necessarily walk the Earth too often. I was like him in one specific sense.

Once, several decades ago, he was on a train in the Punjab and the governor of that state happened to be sitting “by chance” two seats down from him. He bottled up the courage to talk to him. He asked his assistant next door if he might swap places so that he might talk to the governor. He was only in his early 20s and he had two years formal education…but here was a man for “whom the word impossible did not apply.”

That was a phrase given to him many years later by the very governor he was sitting next to that day on the train. The governor’s name was Jnaniji. In Sanskrit, that means he who knows. He was a true politician. Just a whole heart completely dedicated to the people.

I met my teacher perhaps 50 years after this encounter. He had played tennis with Eleanor Roosevelt and known Gandhi and was a close advisor to Prime Minister Nehru and Indira Gandhi. He was tutored in English by the Nobel Laureate Pearl Buck and he counted Alan Chadwick and Buckminster Fuller among his friends.

A week or two after that meeting the governor was returning from his business trip and he had been so impressed by my teacher’s passion to kick the British out of India that he called on the family home of Taraji on his way back. His parents (like mine) wondered what the hell their son was doing with his life. “What do you see in him?,” they asked, in a state of despair. Jnaniji said of this young man: “He will not settle for second best. It will make him or it will break him.”

Unlike my teacher, I was a very competent student in school. One of the best in my year. But I was not given the place at Oxford University to study Evolutionary Biology that I had wanted. There I was being interviewed by Richard Dawkins and I get turned down. I have offers from three of the best universities in the UK. But I walk away. I don’t settle for second best. I begin the journey that will either break me or make me. This is the specific sense I talk of.

I go to Latin America for some time and then I end up in Los Angeles studying Massage Therapy. There I meet my teacher Tara Singh. It is said when a real student meets a real teacher the gift that is imparted is not for them alone, indeed it cannot help but change the vibration of the planet. In such a meeting, as in any important meeting, the individuals are not important. What they discuss is. And the character of such men is going to be tested or they would never meet.

I could write a book (and I actually am) about my friendship with that extraordinary man, however, this is not the focus of this post.

He asked me several profound questions that would shape the course of my life. The one that is most important is this:

“What would you say to Lincoln?”

When a human being of such refinement asks another human being who is ready to listen at the level that such a question is formulated….a profound chain of events is set in motion. Within a few weeks, 5 divisions of a company and non-profit will be set up.

After years in the wilderness of exploring the significance of that question and its allies…something is emerging from the depths. A framework for something new. Something distilled from a great genius that lives in all of us and yet was forgotten and covered over by the sands of time.

These are the divisions in Sutranovum Group:

Sutranovum Ark Studios – the flagship channel of which is Bodisutra – the focus here is 80% comedy and 20% pathos to probe into everything that matters and excavate it with gentle (not bitter) humor.

Joseph Campbell said that a sense of humor gives you spiritual distance and allows you to incubate and learn from the lesson of your pain. This is the focus here. The tagline of this animation comedy is: Tame the monkey mind.

Our target audience is 5 to 95 and above. But we may do books for younger children too (in the spirit of “Quantum Physics for Babies”).

It is a comedy about 3 travelers from a parallel universe who swap minds with two monkeys and a dog on our planet and begin their path to making sense of Earth and the journey its tired histories have brought us to to in its current state.

The goal is simple:

Set man free.

Through laughter.

Oscar Wilde once wrote: “Life is far too important to take seriously.”

We pledge to honor that at our core, in all our activity, with all our heart. It is the seat upon which real friendship and meaning is founded.

Sutranovum Institute – is primarily dedicated to teaching courses that confront and heal the human shadow mind and the psychosomatic sicknesses born of psychological inflation as well educate about holistic action. These are the root issues of human tragedy.

All human pain can be traced to these two things. When understood at a great depth they can reverse all illusion, illness, and ill ease – the three pains that blind man from a deeper understanding of logos.

Also, it is an advocacy, a publishing company, an art gallery dedicated to art that celebrates the fulfilled heart, and a Foundation that provides grants to those whose work is aligned with the larger vision.

We own and that is dedicated to education about the breath. When we are upset our breath becomes labored and short.

By consciously extending it we connect with a deeper healed part of our minds. We also educate here about tantra, yoga and incubation. Practices that have the potential to reverse a great deal of unnecessary madness in society.

Then there is sutranovum investments and our shop. Both are for profit businesses. With the investment company, we will start with small investments from 50 000 to 50 million dollars. And grow from there. We will prioritize businesses that are founded on logos not logic. In fact, that is all we will do.

I will be writing an essay soon to explain what logos means and why it is so vital to heal the planet of the scourge of our misperceptions as a species. Our shop is exclusively focused on partnerships with manufacturers who are sustainable or crowd-funding hybrid products that are sustainable.

Finally, we are in discussions with a good friend of mine who is the owner of the domain – the goal there being to sponsor an accelerator that prioritizes hardware solutions that are also based on logos. That means hardware like wind turbines that don’t kill birds, energy sources that are in line with the deeper wisdom of Nikola Tesla’s understanding that has been lost from the world. That again is a for-profit structure. The reason I built in both models is because I actually think the structures are unwise.

One day, perhaps because of us…we will re-write what a business is. In my book, a business is an enlightened charity and an enlightened charity is a business. There is no distinction…but we will work within the structures before us until we can rewrite the book of mankind’s conduct through the marriage of our aspiration, our intelligence, our imagination and, most importantly of all, our humanity.

When my teacher asked me what I would say to Lincoln…he was not inviting self-inflation. He was inviting me to go into the dark depths of the unconscious and pull out something new. Something that reversed the numbing trends of our time and planted a new seed to celebrate a new age in which man was no longer the conqueror but the custodian of this Earth, healed of a frightened past, and dedicated to an enlightened present.

I am on the lookout for:

A copyright editor

An animation producer

More investors who have done the self-work and see the intelligence that is talking here.

People with a background in grant writing suited to the task implied above

A very gifted and passionate project manager.

A book-keeper and a treasurer with a background in non-profit financing.

A gifted and experienced business planner.

Let me be clear we are only interested in the preventative cure…not the band-aid that addresses the symptoms and panders to diseased deceptions of cancerous vested interests .

Under our watch, the time of movements and rallies and pained wars is coming to an end. Our work is exclusively invested in the meta solutions to mankind’s self-inflicted and protected pain points. It has taken years of inner searching and maturing for me to address my view of the world in such a fashion. It would never have happened if I had not met Mr. Tara Singh.

If money is what motivates you then please do not knock on my door. That is covered. There is no lack here. But I seek people whose heart is ready to look in the mirror of their own self-protected pain.

Believe me, I have mastered the tools that allow me to see those mechanisms and not be fooled by them. I have done that work in myself. If I hadn’t I could never be writing these words now.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote:

“Great men, great nations, have not been boasters and buffoons, but perceivers of the terror of life, and have manned themselves to face it.”

I feel it’s time we add “great planets” to that list.

If you are interested in any of those positions please get in touch.

Thank you.

Nathan Daniel Curry

Founder of Sutranovum

I leave you with words I wrote on the 4th of July near the Pacific Ocean a couple short years ago. My teacher had asked me what I would say to Lincoln….and something within me was finally addressing the man:

“May the dirge of doom and gloom be dropped, and may we recognize our fate as a nation. We are no mere joke in the portals of history. We are America.

We are a grand experiment to bring freedom to the Native American. To the Slave to appetites and fear. To the Uneducated and the Poor of heart. To bring hope to the Immigrant, and through her, and the Angels of our better selves, the world.

From sea to shining sea, may we seek out an undiminished nobility, and wipe away our tears; may a soulful cry of affection be born, and long endure, for all those divided nations that gave us wings. And may we learn to see ourselves and the world anew.

It is implied, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, to reach beyond our pained past, and to prove, without a shadow of doubt, that we have the weave and sinew, the tenacity and lifeblood, the broad shoulders of will, to dream, and be reborn, in the fires of our torment.

It is to us that the world looks for favorable winds. We are the confluence of the world as a country, and the pillar of our responsibility lies in shining a fresh light upon it.

When, by the gallows of our self-inflicted pain, we stop, and question: what strength lies in us, a child of hope awakens within. For, if we can land a man on the moon, we can bind up the wounds of earth. We have that potential.

Where there is the awakening of love in the heart, man is good and gentle and in harmony with himself. Where there is fear and deception, there is the contamination of vested interests.

But, where there is the eye of the farmer and the environmentalist and the caring heart, where our labors are brought to the altar of our most compassionate and innovative selves, there is a deeper potential.

It might appear that we are confused, but have we the courage to listen with the fullness of our being! Have we the simplicity and the lack of haste? Can we afford that of ourselves? Can we afford it not! It will bring us all other riches worthy of us.

To undo ill ease, illusion and illness demands that we listen to our deepest faith and our brightest mind. It is incumbent upon us, as a nation, to have that resolve and dignity. Wisdom is not a burden. It is a light in the darkness.

If we are to merit the full mettle of our purpose, we must now embrace this dawn of a new era, and make a thorough peace with ourselves, and with one another.”

You can read the full essay here:

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