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What is logos?

Love confronts

It does not evade

It does not attack

All confrontation is avoided when this simple insight is honored. All conflict is dissolved at source.

Logos is the action of love married wholeheartedly with wisdom

– It flowers from the identification of the shadow/ enneatypic activity and what is talking in the human that is in front of you (or cat)

– It flowers from the witnessing of nature and its needs in light of one who has come to have dominion over the earth and not attack it

Such a one does not get up on shallow podiums and preach

He is attentive to the nurturing of a garden

And healing of a soil long poisoned by the blood of many needless wars.

He dissolves the error in himself.

It is all that is needed and that ever was needed.

This is the nature of logos which one may say is the mother of true intelligence.

And the hidden secret at the heart of nature which clamors in every moment to be witnessed.

The small quiet steady voice of what matters.

The voice that can be ignored and evaded but whose authority can never be undermined and which will never lead one astray from the unifying chorus of what is intrinsic and destined beyond the pained fields of distorted perception, disease and stubborn reckoning,… that we refer to as fate.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

C.G. Jung

Logos has no fate in it.

No pained evasion of what matters.

It is just the very heart of what matters.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

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