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The etymology of psychosomatic

1847, “pertaining to the relation between mind and body; relating to both soul and body,” from Greek psykhē “mind” (see psyche) + sōmatikos, from sōma (genitive sōmatos) “body” (see somato-). Applied from 1938 to physical disorders with psychological causes.

Freud made many errors

One of his biggest was the prediction that all psychological distortions would be remedied by a pill. Reductio ad absurdem.

Then in the 1950s they tried very hard to prove Freud right. They tried to kill psychosomatic medicine. They did a very good job. What we call medicine has become a joke. For the most part. It is itself a part of the sickness. A sickness cannot heal a sickness. It can only perpetuate it.

Freud was wrong, about the pills.

But very few listened to what was right.

One man named RD Laing tried to listen.

Carl Jung also tried but Jung never saw things as deeply as I was granted vision.

RD Laing had a severely mentally ill patient

She was rocking back and forth and she never spoke to anyone.

All day every day she would rock back and forth, so acute was her psychosis. So protective was she of her pain.

Every psychiatrist who came to her would just load her up with Valium and whatever other drug. Doing what Freud had predicted but not listening to wisdom. Listening only to a blind and conveniential wisdom that had nothing to do with wisdom whatsoever.

Anything to avoid attending to the deeper issue.

Always treat the symptoms.

Never address the root issue.

RD Laing sat down and rocks back and forth next to her for 3 days.

All his colleagues think he’s nuts.

After 3 days she stops rocking back and forth and turns to him and says

Who are you?

And so they met and the deeper therapy began.

Mostly doctors have yet to listen to RD Laing.

Mostly they have failed to understand the meaning of psychosomatic medicine.

Mostly doctors, no matter how good their intentions, are the blind leading the blind:

Treating the symptoms.

RD Laing paid a great price for his innovation. His professional peers attacked him and he struggled, as Jung had struggled to live in alignment with his deeper convictions. He was a terrible father because of these inner torments.

It takes a lot of guts to question the established beliefs of a very sick society. It takes vision and humility to see beyond millennia of faulty thinking.

Photo: Abaris the Hyperion and RD Laing

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