Post 8

If I gave you a trillion dollars what would you do?

The education model of the future is here now.

It produces men and women who know the value of a blade of grass.

Men and women who cannot be bought.

1 thought on “Post 8”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Matt Mayer said :
    buy 25 billion inflatable flamingoes.…/dp/B08QCF94X4/ref=pd_sbs_1…
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Matt Mayer well then your education has been in vain.
    I see my inbox is missing an email.
    Nathan Curry said :
    Matt Mayer wait is your name Arthur?
    Arthur Dent right?
    Or is your name Matt Mayer?
    Because I’m pretty sure your name is Matt Mayer.
    I may be mistaken. But the Matt I know would reply to the email.
    Nathan Curry said :
    I should definitely introduce you to him one day. Matt I mean. Screw Arthur.

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