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There are only two paths available to a human being.

1. Either we try to alleviate and cure the symptoms of a problem we do not actually understand. This never ends well. Most of human history this has been our path. (Since the invention of fire. And after Aristotle and Plato. But not under the careful watch of Parmenides and not under the enlightened understanding of the enneagram.)

2. Or we attend to the root issue. The root issue requires that we stop and recognize the seed we have planted is diseased. Then we plant a new seed that is not diseased. This is both a metaphor and a truth.

1. Pasteur vs 2. Beauchamp

1. The Abrahamic religions and Hippocrates vs 2. Parmenides and Pythagoras and Logos

1. Einstein vs 2 Tesla

1. Elon Musk (caught in psychological inflation and running away to Mars while mining the Earth of cadmium) vs 2. What I am saying and what Tesla really understood and what Allan Savory’s work demonstrates.

Either we make the solution at the level of the problem

And we keep treating the symptoms (as this man is doing in the photo)

Or we wake up and understand the nature of the hologram.

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