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Anomaly means:

Deviation from the common rule


Every giant leap forward in human history requires someone to understand the anomaly that others miss. To see in what is small and uneven a new story waiting in the dark places of wisdom to sprout in the soils of a new earth, to gift mankind a new and refreshing destiny.

Pluto’s strange orbit opened a door for Einstein.

What Tesla saw is far from being understood or implemented. He was a giant. The likes of which rarely walk the Earth. Soon enough his genius will shine. Wisdom can be lost but never destroyed.

The breakthrough that came to me involved understanding certain things

Parmenides/Pythagoras – their genius compared to the ignorance of Aristotle and Plato

A line in the Bible where Andrew (meaning “man”) takes the Greeks to Jesus. It was actually the Greeks that took man to the mythical Jesus – the mythic landscape of the Abrahamic religions suddenly became clear (and many Hindu texts too) in the clarification of this (the errors they overlooked)

Understanding why Jung compared Hitler to Mohammed

Understanding the enneagram in the context of Abaris and Logos

Seeing into the significance of Allan Savory’s work and why the devil has the horns of a goat

It all started when I met an extraordinary man from India who challenged me to investigate the deeper meaning of determination. I met him when I was 19.

When I was 26 I flew from Paris to Chicago and drove my first wife to Massachusetts while I scouted for a home for us in California. I then drove across the United States to his door in Los Angeles. He had been a close friend to Prime Minister Nehru.

The reason he came to meet Nehru is extraordinarily important. He had been meditating in the Himalaya and he was inspired to do something to help mankind. That lead to a meeting with Nehru and a long journey in Russia and the West at the height of the Cold War (to understand the impact of industrial society).

It lead him to become friends with Eleanor Roosevelt and Buckminster Fuller and Pearl Buck and Dr Helen Scuchman. He spent 5 years in silence meditating in Carmel exploring yoga prior to meeting Helen Schucman.

But the meeting with Nehru centered on how he could improve the lot of the 2 billion subsistence farmers on the planet at the time. He never managed to answer that question. I did though when I discovered the work of Allan Savory.

My friendship with him was one of the great blessings of my life. He was an Ambassador of the highest order. Within a few weeks of my arrival from Paris he saw me on the other side of the street and he ran across the road to hug me. That hug was no ordinary hug. There was a transmission. I shall never forget it.

False modesty aside – there is no way what was revealed to me cannot not profoundly change the future of mankind. He once said if you have love in your heart and you listen to wisdom, if you raise a child open to that wonder, that child cannot not profoundly change the destiny of mankind. Great beings test and challenge us to awaken seeds within we did not know we had. Sometimes the consequences of those seeds drastically change the landscape of the world that is to come.

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