Month: July 2021

Post 10

Anomaly means: Deviation from the common rule Unevenness Every giant leap forward in human history requires someone to understand the anomaly that others miss. To see in what is small and uneven a new story waiting in the dark places of wisdom to sprout in the soils of a new earth, to gift mankind a …

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Post 9

The etymology of psychosomatic 1847, “pertaining to the relation between mind and body; relating to both soul and body,” from Greek psykhē “mind” (see psyche) + sōmatikos, from sōma (genitive sōmatos) “body” (see somato-). Applied from 1938 to physical disorders with psychological causes. Freud made many errors One of his biggest was the prediction that …

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Post 8

If I gave you a trillion dollars what would you do? The education model of the future is here now. It produces men and women who know the value of a blade of grass. Men and women who cannot be bought.

Post 7

There are only two paths available to a human being. 1. Either we try to alleviate and cure the symptoms of a problem we do not actually understand. This never ends well. Most of human history this has been our path. (Since the invention of fire. And after Aristotle and Plato. But not under the …

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Post 3

Essence penetrated yields substance. Substance born of true essence ends enmity and all the problems that the mind caught in regurgitated knowledge cannot see.