El Practico, La dinámica, eso humanista.

“I have tried to explain how mind changes brain structure & function but nobody alive has yet properly defined mind and no one has explained properly how so-called ethereal thought can change so-called material structure. The whole subject is filled with wonder.”

Dr. Norman Doidge

The problem with doctors is that their fear of being wrong is so great that it takes a doctor of doctors to show them why they are attacking both themselves and their patients (and yer cannot see it). Such a person you might call a man.

A real man. Someone who cannot.follow the herd nor attack any one. Someone who has completely outgrown all illusions about who and what a man, woman and child actually are.

Someone who understands plants, insects, ecology, diet, seeds, the sun, what a virus is, what a very very very bright mind can do with energy that only one man before, in the history of mankind, dreamt of before (that man before being Nikola Tesla).

If you have the great faith and courage and profoundly deep patience to look into the eyes of a human being, be they man or woman, you are going to come to the realization that behind those eyes there is, more often than not, an unattended pain.

One might call the pain:

the mother wound


the father wound.

These pains are not new. They are among the oldest most persistent pains on the face of the earth.

No one that has walked the earth to date has understood this, not a single being I have encountered, but those pains block, well they block the most important set of discoveries in the history of mankind. Until, until, until, they do not.

Behind the eyes of the faces you see hides these wounds I now address. If you think of it as poison that has corroded what is most vital and beautiful in the human being you would not be wrong.

These wounds bring tremendous blindness. The wounded are vain and they are proud. The wounds are buried so deep that without tremendous attention they are not seen.

A greedy man or woman cannot see them. Insecurity is greed. Greed must be totally eviscerated for these particular wounds to be identified. “Call me by my name.” To identify is to disarm.

So to stop attacking and defending their positions and others, including those who do not know how to blame, and even the very wise cannot see this, but there is, thankfully, a wisdom beyond what the very wise comprehend, this wisdom is known to the most wise, to stop, to completely stop such attacks one must inwardly stop.

The evolution of the evolution of mankind depends exclusively on this. This stopping inwardly. When one can stop in this fashion the fountain that creates all victims, ALL of them, is seen. And not only that, the tap or spigot or faucet that turns off the fountain permanently Is instantaneously witnessed too.

When it is turned off, at the root, at the source, when the authority that argues it is justified in any way whatsoever, when that authority (it is not one, it contains multitudes, and yet, and yet: it has but one seeded root which can and absolutely must be uprooted) is totally destroyed, there is not a single problem known to man, woman or child, not a single one, that the radiant sun of this, this deepest human understanding, cannot, and does not, automatically deny, and in its denial, completely obliterate, for all time.

And in that total denial comes a new human being, a completely new child of humanity.

And it is this brilliant child who is granted eyes to see the elephant, that magnificent beast who stood at the gates of the city of the blind for so long, which had been for eons misunderstood, due to our pride and our vanity, which, in turn was blocked from being unraveled by our unattended insecurity.

It is the elephant of the deepest truths about the nature of the nature of creation; the multitude in one; standing there before this wholly faithful, courageous and powerfully patient human child, In all his grandeur, in all her genius, in all their stock still majesty.

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