What does sutranovum mean?

What does sutranovum mean?

Jiddu Krishnamurti once said:There are no problems in life.

The world is full of problems because people’s minds manufacture them through the lens of the ego. But when we get down to the bare marrow of things – there are no problems in life. In India, they have the Yoga Sutras and the Karma Sutra. Sutra means pregnant meaning. It is like the Sanskrit word for “aphorism.” Novum means new.

The great physicist Dr David Bohm spoke of something he referred to as the “Implicate order.” Meaning, that behind the apparent chaos of form there is an implied and hidden order. Listen to that, be guided by that and human problems get transcended. sutranovum is a made-up word. But it came to me while snorkeling in the waters of the Pacific – off the coast of Southern Baja in Mexico. It came in a flash with no thought and I recognized its immediacy and value. Most, if not all, human problems, can be solved by approaching those issues in the right way and in the right spirit. If you want to build a pig farm – you start at the end with happy pigs – and you work back.

If you want to understand how the ego sabotages you study the enneagram. If you want peace you detach from the mental apparatus in your mind that paints you as a victim. If you want to stop fires in California and Australia you change your behaviors as the top predator. If you want to avoid war with China – then Russia and America have to become better friends. Often we hear: “Russia and the West.” Russia IS the West. The West is only the West for one reason – the East has science and it has governments that aspire to democratic representation (India more than China – but China is a work in progress) and so the world has many things in common now. But the difference that has endured – that makes the West the West is that its individualistic slant (rather than the slant of family and community in the East) birthed romantic love and partner dance.

When the partners don’t touch in dance you are in the Middle East or the East. When they touch – Brazil, Europe, America, Russia, etc – you are in the West or the colonized West. Though our mores (ways of doing things) change from place to place – our essential psychology is the same. We have more in common than our differences might argue.

If you want to stop terrorism you recognize the United States bestselling poet is Rumi. Rumi was a Sufi (a stream of Islam) and you focus on how resources are being fought over in the Middle East and Afghanistan etc. And you start to think ecologically. You start to think wisely about resources. You paint a picture of a world where there are no wars over water in the future. But to do that you must have thriving eco-systems that do not lead to deserts. We know how to reverse deserts. Chinese scientists have figured it out with plants and smart ecologists like Allan Savory have figured out how to do it with livestock.

So we know how to stop the pain. We recognize the maturity of our potential within and we elevate it to a different standing. And that, that to me, is the new pregnant meaning. The recognition of how life works and our capacity to work with it (not against it and not against ourselves either.) To end our problems. And that is what sutranovum stands for. I can see its meta value. That’s why I kept at it to make it happen – to build a non-profit foundation and an academy and an animation studio around it. And that is exactly what we are doing…

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