Thinking holistically

bodisutra and sutranovum are two sides of the same coin. The comedy and the integration of what matters. Comedy is always about the desire to make light of what is troubled. Comedy grants spiritual distance to see what matters in what is troubled.

I met a man today who said the emasculated male started to show up in television with the sitcom Cheers. Another friend said this about hippies recently:

“It is the Western collapse of polarity. Male hippies (not hippos) try and be holy to counter their authoritarian fathers. But in tossing out their shadow side lose power.

To escape this whirlpool of flaccidity, females take on what was rejected. If males could see that conscious power is to include then rise above their fathers, all would benefit.”

The attached video is of JP who explores the humor of ridiculing the hippy new age politically correct culture. It is sorely needed.

But he is in a way a product of it.

Not an emissary of the change that is coming.

That’s why I created bodisutra to mirror that inside out sense that alone is truly transformative (not stuck in the reactive) through characters from a parallel universe. Man’s closest relative and his best friend team up to help us do the inner work.

They say it takes 3 generations for such stuff to work itself out and we are in the third generation – the war generation, the hippy generation and now ours (and I include all subsequent generations in one milieu here).

When you fight the old you get a bipolar personality- us against them, hippies against the establishment etc. But when you do the inner work that polarizing goes away.

Thinking in the end, thinking in terms of the whole and being mindful of the importance of the understanding of the anima and the animus are key to integration going forward. They are the soils in which sanity flowers. This is the focus of the humor in bodisutra too. And dances well with the focus of sutanovum.

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